Friday, March 26, 2010

A Kept Resolution

My daily wardrobe usually consists of my pajamas all day, unless pepito and I have to leave the house and then it's yoga pants and a tshirt.  Not glamorous at all.  Not even any effort really.  I usually don't bother with makeup and showers only happen every other day - I know - for shame...  That's life.

But last Saturday, I had a new shirt to wear, and made the effort to look cute.  I was amazed at how much better I felt all day, having showered, make-upped, and dressed in 'real' clothes, that I decided I would try, for one week, to wash, rinse, and repeat every single day.

And I did!!!  I may not have managed a shower until first nap (or lunch time today...) but I did it.  And it felt good.  Mini-victories!!!  It was a surprisingly busy week, with something happening everyday, and it was nice to feel good about myself.  I'd like to think I'm going to keep up with this resolution, but yoga pants are so comfy.  Maybe I'll try and pick up some 'nicer' yoga outfits...we'll see.

Back to the baby.

playing with spoons - and he learned the hard way where his foot was in relation to the banging

William is adorable.  He has 'discovered' his hands, or better yet - probably his fingers.  He will put his arms out in front of him and twist & turn just looking - intrigued I suppose.  It's really really cute.  Watching him figure out the world around him is so much fun to watch.

he pulled the pewter bowl of a table, granted - low shelf, and walked six feet in it before I caught up with him...crazy kid

On that note - he is very interested in Burnie.  He chased her around in the walker yesterday, and she was none to happy about it!!  And he wasn't happy that she kept running away from him - so he would follow her - she would run - follow - again and again; until she finally gave up and went and hid in a different part of the house.  He gets really excited when she comes near him, or he can see her, and will try and grab at pet her.  Sometimes he will actually to get to touch her for a split second, and to her credit, she is becoming a much more affectionate and cuddly cat.  She has come and sat by me (touching my leg!!!!) while watching tv, sleeps at my feet, and begs to be petted often.  I'm so excited, and hope this doesn't jinx it, but a cuddly cat has been three years in the making.  Now if she would just stop hissing/attacking visitors we would really have some progress on our hands!

he kept planting his face into the tray and tasting it...

We are headed to Callaway tomorrow for a family day and I am so excited.  I think I probably mentioned this before, but we went as a family A LOT when I was little and it was some of my most favorite memories.  I am really excited to be starting some of our own!!  Wish us luck - Sam is thinking we're going to bike and I am not all that coordinated on a bike.  Should be interesting!

he now razzes instead of smiling...

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