Monday, May 3, 2010

William By Numbers

Today marks the day that my sweet pepito is 3/4 of a year old - wild to think about!!!  And he WOULD NOT sit still for this month's picture - oh well - it's honest documentation!!

Highlights of the month:
*Can now effectively get food into his mouth using his hands, granted it's really just been puffs, wagon wheels, and the occasional fruit piece, but he's good at it.
*Loves all baby food, except for any combinations that have tomato paste in it.  I hope he gets over this because I could eat pasta every single night for dinner and be totally happy.
*Is pulling himself up, in the crib, at the coffee table, anything that has legs or a ledge for him to grab onto
*Will "walk" between pieces of furniture now
*Razzing is still his favorite
*Practically runs if someone will hold his hands for balance, it's hard to keep up with him
*Is an absolute tornado in his walker
*Takes only two naps a day now, long one in the morning and shorter in the afternoon
*2-3 baby food meals a day with 6 oz bottles about 5 times
*Bedtime is still relatively easy (around 6-7), but he's been waking up several times after we put him down.  We're going to start treating it as First Bedtime and letting him get up and see if that helps.
*Loves to chase all cats.  The cats do not appreciate it.
*Does not really care for dog kisses
*Has learned how to fall butt first to minimize damage and fear ;)
*Follows me around all day, either crawling or in his walker
*Still does a super cute military crawl, but he can get around!  The farthest he's gone so far is from the tv in the living room to the threshold between the dining room & kitchen - it's a long way for a baby!
*He is still completely toothless
*Wears 12 months clothes unless it's shorts or pants - then I think he has FINALLY graduated from 3-6 month size - maybe....he's such a squirt
*Loves to ride in the buggy
*Is enjoying the new vantage point from his big boy carseat
*Loves to be outside, we can sit on the stairs and just watch the traffic, etc and he'll be completely happy
*Hasn't really added any new 'words', still saying B,M,D, and vowels.
*Giggles uncontrollably at anything his Daddy says
*Thinks that balloons are the funniest things ever
*LOVES carbs - give him a piece of bread or biscuit and he's content (and an absolute mess)
*Is constantly trying to rollover and sit up on the changing table now - it's impossible to change his diaper - I miss the "happy place"
*Really enjoys bath time - especially if I let him eat the washcloth
*Sleeps with a paci and we give him one whenever he wants it, but sometimes he prefers his fingers, he doesn't like that he can't talk with one in his mouth!
*He's finally starting to get some (red) hair - it gets all curly and wispy after a bath - so cute!


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Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love that picture and he is loving that number!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Oh, and try to finish a conversation once he can say...mommy Im talking to daddy!:)


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