Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Pediatrician

Today was our first appointment with our new doctor, Dr. Mansfield, and I'm considering it a huge success.  Our appointment was at 3:00, and we showed up twenty minutes early because we're new patients.  The front staff was nice and she kept apologizing to me for having more things for me to fill out even though I had the new patient paperwork already done, which I didn't understand because I was more than happy to do whatever she needed, but I appreciated it just the same.  The waiting room wasn't overly crowded and William had a good time playing with the other kids there.  It was fun watching him interact with other babies, one 10 months old & WALKING!! and a 2-3 year old boy who was very intrigued with William.  He just sat and squealed and tried to crawl/walk around everything.  Oh - and they had separate sick/well waiting rooms which just makes me happy.  I bet that's standard now, but it was nice to hear one of the ladies move a kid who was sick out of our well waiting room.

trying to grab the butterflies with Grandaddy K at Callaway

They don't have a subwaiting room, so after weighing and measuring William - they sent us back to the main waiting room which was fine.  I really think that part of the problem with Rivertown is that they would forget they put us in the subwaiting room.  Seriously not cool.  I think by 3:30 they had a room for us and we waited there maybe 10-15 minutes before Dr. Mansfield came in.  I had heard that he doesn't have the greatest bedside manner, so I was prepared for that - but William did great with him.  And Dr. Mansfield commented that he was so happy - oh how I've waited to hear that!!  Long time coming - but thank goodness it's here!!  William's ears were clear, so we'll finish out the antibiotic and move on.  I was really worried there was still going to be fluid in the right one and we would have to go to an ENT and then get tubes...etc....  Not that it would be a problem really, just really didn't want to have to deal with it.  Imagine - Rivertown could've given us the antibiotic three months ago and then there would be no fluid to speak of ... just saying.

razzing at Callaway - puffs make him happy

Dr. Mansfield said we can start stage 3 foods, more finger foods, and try to get William to start getting more used to the sippy cup.  I think I'm going to go to WalMart and get the one that has the bottle nipple lid and see if that helps pepito get more fluid in his mouth instead of all over the front of his shirt.  We'll see.  Also - they have you fill out a checklist of developmental things and William is doing just fine with all of it.  I like that. It makes you sit down and really evaluate what's going on.

"painting" a card for Mother's Day with Daddy - he ate the paint

All in all - I was happy with everything.  I don't need someone to hold my hand - just a doctor to tell me what I need to know.

OH - And pepito weighs 19lbs 6oz, 25th percentile (no diaper) and is 28.5" tall, 50th percentile.  So we still have a squirt on our hands.  Nothing new there - we definitely knew that already.  ;)

having fun during our daily outdoor time in the front yard

On non-doctor related pepito info - there was a massive diaper poop explosion yesterday.  I have NEVER seen such.  I knew it was bad because it had leaked out onto his shirt a little bit but when I got everything opened up - there was poop all the way up his back and had made it to his HAIR!!!!  OMG!!!  I didn't realize this until I was two wipes in to cleaning him up and then picked him up - held him WAY out in front of me and plopped him in the bathtub.  Wow.  Sam came home for lunch in the middle of the bath and commented on him taking a bath without the duckie - IT WAS AN EMERGENCY!! ha!  So that was yesterday.  Oh - and he threw up his breakfast - so I don't even know how many outfits we went through...craziness.

He is starting to learn cause and effect which is adorable.  He'll squeal and wait for us to react - and if we do - he'll keep going to get us to react some more.  It's SOOOO cute.  High pitched shreeking but adorable.  Ha!

trying to investigate the camera while it is in use

I think this is long enough - more later...


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