Thursday, May 20, 2010

Putting ME first

More than a month ago, my bestest asked me to do Couch to 5K with her.  She knew that I had been a runner before I got preggers and probably listened to me complain more than she wanted to about how everything hurt when I ran because of the hormone craziness (seriously - glass in my knees - not fun) and how I missed just walking out the door and being able to run 4 miles, easy cheesey.  Of course, I said yes, we just have to work around my school schedule, which turned into working around school and two families with little ones, but we've managed to stick to it for the most part.  But she kept saying - it was one of the few things she did for HER and she wasn't going to give up just because of ______ reason.  And that just reminds me how nice it is to occasionally put yourself first.  Even if it is just for 30 minutes.  We usually feel like dying after we've got our run done, but that thirty minutes is sometimes the most fun I have all day.  And it's all about me (and her) - so we share our me time - it's more fun that way atleast if it's running.  Just saying.

Another thing I've finally committed to doing that's all about me (and some about being healthier for my family) is - I'm back on Weight Watchers.  This baby weight has got to go!!!  It worked so well the last time (pre-preggers I lost 30 of 50 pounds on WW) that I really just needed to do it again.  It's the only way I'm going to be able to keep track of what goes in my mouth and truth - I LOVE it.  I make it into a game and it's so much fun.  Plus - it means that I'm back in charge of cooking and I'm pretty sure Sam is loving the relief.

So - there - I'm doing two things just for me and it's great.  School is over in 2 weeks and I'm really looking forward to the summer.  My bestest is moving to an apartment with a pool and I AM SO EXCITED!!!  It's going to be good - I'm hoping I feel more like myself soon.  Back to the regularly scheduled program tomorrow.  :)

isn't he funny?!  and adorable!!


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Hadley said...

Love you, Megs! This summer is going to be great and I am excited for you and WW. I want to try and join once the big move is over and things calm down. things ever calm down in my life??!!

Running with you is so much fun and I know that we are a bit hit or miss because of everyone's schedules but it is so nice to have you to talk, I mean gasp, with!



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