Monday, May 17, 2010

And away we go

Last week was really busy for me.  I had something on the calendar every single day.  And to be honest - I hate weeks like that.  I much prefer to have more emptiness, and not just because it meant that I had to shower everyday.  ha!  I had exams to study for, Bunco with the girls, dresses to sew for parties on the weekend, doctor appointments, etc.  Yuck.   I don't know how people with busy social calendars do it - it makes me crazy.  Luckily - this week all I have is class (which is over in less than a month!! yay!!!)

licking the mayonnaise & mustard off the plastic knife

There were several highlights of all the busy-ness though - babyless dinner on Friday night with friends and then we went to see Robin Hood after.  I can't remember the last time we saw a New Release in the movie theater, much less the first night it was out.  What a treat!  And Ridley Scott did not disappoint.  It was no where as good as Gladiator, but what could be?, but it seems they've set it up for a sequel which would be awesome!!  And the best part was - William did great with B&B, fell fast asleep, and didn't even wake up when we put him in the carseat to go home.

loving it!

He's been kinda finicky about sleeping through the night, especially when he gets off his routine, so we thought we were in the for the worst and were pleasantly surprised when neither of us had to get up at 2 am to soothe him back to bed.  It's funny - I spent so much time when he was a newborn praying for him to sleep through the night that it never occurred to me that he wouldn't always sleep the whole night once he did it.  Crazy.

this is what happens when I leave the french doors open - crawling in pollen

Sunday we took a family day and went to Callaway to bike around.  The weather was great, especially since there was tree cover the whole time (and down hills to produce a breeze!) and we had a great time.  William did wonderful in the trailer, not a peep the whole way.  He goes into a biking daze/zone, gets glassy eyes and just enjoys the view.  We packed lunch and ate by one of the lakes we passed.  It was perfect.  Seriously looking forward to doing this every month.

razzing, watching tv, and patting his head all at the same time

While I was at a party on Saturday afternoon, Sam decided to hit the consignment store for a second carseat.  We were wasting MUCH money on gas running errands in the Xterra because that's the car with the baby seat in it - so good for him.  He found a really nice one for only $10 more than we paid for the brand new one we picked up at WalMart however long ago that was.  William loves it.  It reclines and he sits in a cocoon basically - I kinda wish my seat would do that!

concentrating hard on not falling

Sam also came home with a walking/rolling toy thing.  He somehow talked the girl into giving it to him for the price of the older model ones...sweet!  Pepito isn't quite sure what to do with it yet, but we've made the decision to put the walker away and make him use this to learn how to balance a little bit better.  He's pretty cute using it and it's good thing he's figured out how to fall to his tush because he's getting a lot of practice doing that! ;)

every time I bring out the camera he gets THIS close to it

On a not so happy note - William has his first diaper rash today - poor baby.  I'm not sure he's figured out that he's supposed to be unhappy about it yet though, which is good.  I'm not even quite sure how he got it - his diaper wasn't even that full and I change them frequently - oh well - chalk it up to some weird baby thing.  Sam read somewhere that coming off antibiotics might be the cause, but who knows.  I'm fighting the urge to feel like a bad mom...  Good thing I'm not that person.



Family Oliver said...

Antibiotics will absolutely give him diaper rash. It's so not your fault! Really. Luke can take one dose of antibiotics and his bum is a mess. Best treatment is an antifungal cream, the ped can prescribe Nystatin or you can get Lotrimen over the counter. Combine that with regular Desiten (40% zinc oxide) and it should be gone in no time.

Meghan said...

Thankyou for that!! It was like it came out of NOWHERE!! Totally crazy! I've been putting the Burt's Bees diaper cream on there and it's helping a lot. If that doesn't make it go away - I'll go to the store. It's just weird because he was on the antibiotics for ten days and came off them on Friday... Strange. Learn something everyday I guess.


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