Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day (part 3)

I think these were mostly on Sunday.  Sam wanted "summer pictures" and my parents happen to live in a super pretty place in the mountains - so I was happy to oblige.  

William in his "farmer" squat.  He does this a lot - especially when he has a lot to think about... ha!

In the "island" in the front yard.  They are thinking about putting a pint size chair in there for him - I think it would be adorable. 

He's such a sweet boy - so happy.

Peek A Boo!!!

I found you!!!!  I love this one - wish the background wasn't so blown out...

Sam is about to try and flip me....  he didn't succeed but he gave it a valiant effort

Sitting on the dock happy as can be.  :)

William decided he did want a hot dog bun after all.  And there's me - in all of my un-made up 25.5 week glory - haha!!!

Just one more post and then I will officially be done with Memorial Day!  I guess it's a good thing that nothing TOO terribly interesting has happened since the long weekend.


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