Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day (part 2)

Second installment of fun....

My Dad had to go check on a school - so we tagged along and played on the playground while he was inside.  William didn't quite grasp the concept of the "rock wall"

I love his silly faces.  He loves to pretend to drive.

Sitting with Daddy in the shade, pretending to cool down.

He's just like his momma - flushes bright red for any reason.  It really concerned his teachers until I explained.

Dad took us inside to show us around and William had a blast playing with the echo in the gym.  It's a really nice school.  Too bad William can't go there.

We saved pizza night until Saturday, so Kalin and Lainey could come, and Kalin is definitely going to be William's Uncle John.  (The cool fun uncle who would let you abuse crawl all over him)

The "Roaring Fight" was hilarious.  I have no idea who won...

SUNDAY WE WENT SWIMMING!!!  And William even agreed to wear the pint sized life jacket.

Dad was the only one who was willing to touch the floor of the pond,  I don't mind being called a pansy - it's gross.  William LOOOVVVEEDD pointing out the fish and then splashing at them.  At some point, Sara brought down some bread and he fed them until they were stuffed and didn't want anymore.

There are some really cute pictures coming up next.  But I bet you knew that already, because all pictures of William are cute.


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