Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Day (part 4)

You made it to the end!!  This post is the last of the pictures from last weekend.  Enjoy!!

William LOOVVEESS Bosco - and is obviously WAY excited to be on Mima & Grandaddy's bed playing with him.

Boat! Boat!  Grandaddy took him for a ride in the kayak - he sat back and relaxed.  

William wanted to go fast!  Lord help us....

On a float all by himself!

Almost floating all by himself in the water.  At one point with Grandaddy he did float without holding on to anyone - but he didn't notice - which is probably good.

William & I with Daddy.  I don't know why Daddy doesn't like to smile in pictures.  He also doesn't like posed pictures.  Oh well.  :)

Tickle Monster!!!!!!

More "Summer" pictures.  These didn't go as well because he wanted a nap.  We tried to take family pictures right after this and they were met with a full on meltdown. So much for that I guess!

This was the first appliqued john-john I made and it's probably the one he wears the most.  Something about the blue stripes and the whale just makes me happy.

In other news - William gave me a hug to wake me up this morning, then helped me get out of bed, and gave the new baby a kiss.  So sweet.  I guess he is starting to grasp what's happening.  We were at a birthday party yesterday, and a friend's baby is almost a year old and William was SO sweet with him.  Patting his head, giving him gentle hugs, and saying Hi Baby.  Absolutely adorable.  He is going to be a great big brother.

(I'm ignoring that he refused to share his toys with Brooks this morning.... something to work on...haha)


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