Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday - I am now 27 and officially into late 20s right?! I am pretty sure it's going to be a great year and not just because 27 is my favorite number. We went over the in-laws for dinner the night before to celebrate which is always yummy. I had made a cheesecake, and even though I left out the heavy cream and messed up the sour cream topping (it is very important that you bake the topping when the cheesecake is HOT and not the next day) it turned out very yummy. At one point I was pouring vanilla, mixing up the cream cheese, and trying to calm William down in my arms, so it's no surprise that the cream was forgotten. Another minor casualty of mom brain. It's getting worse I swear. It took me a full minute the other day to remember the word prevent!

Anyhow, William even thought he'd start my birthday off right by sleeping from 9:30 until 6:00 just for me. Then Sam fed him for me so I got to sleep until 8:07!!!! Love these guys!!

Little man is starting to look at things and follow them around. He really enjoys the crib mirror that Aunt Ellene gave him - the hand rattles still confuse him I think. I'm not sure he really understands what they are, but we're working on it. He really wants to roll over and occasionally will try and throw a leg over but he doesn't get very far. Though he is a MASTER scoocher in the crib. You'll put him down to sleep one way and then you'll go get him and he's on the other side completely and facing a totally different way. We also rediscovered the swaddle and that has been a godsend. Turns out he doesn't like a lot of freedom - who knew - he was doing so good there for a couple weeks. He's eating well apparently, because he has become a chunk. Last Friday he weighed 11lbs 6 oz - so I'm sure we are about to graduate to 3-6 months clothes... I'm trying to squeeze all the cute 0-3 month clothes in. And the icing on the cake - he sleeps for about 6 hours when it's officially bedtime. Granted Sam is the one who gets up in the middle of the night because a shift has been eliminated by him sleeping so long, so I shouldn't be SO excited!! But it does mean I get to sleep all night and just get up between 5-7!!

I think that is pretty much all that's going on around here.



Lindsey said...

you sound better! rest does a Mommy good! congrats, friend, it just gets better and better, i promise.

Meghan said...

Much happier - I think it helps that he gave me a big smile yesterday. Just one but it was so cute!

Thank you for everything!

I saw Nora isn't sleeping now - does she have a good reason or just trying to make you crazy? ;) I'm so sorry you aren't getting good sleep.


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