Sunday, September 27, 2009

We must be doing ok....

...because we got project fever again this weekend. We only have one bathroom in this house, which is just fine with us, but it is seriously the ugliest bathroom ever. Some idiot had the bright idea to popcorn the plaster walls & ceiling - so we've got to figure out how to deal with that without destroying the delicate walls. (plaster isn't really delicate until you start messing with it and then it falls apart and makes a mess) anyhow - so we started somewhere else - the vanity.

THE BEFORE: Check out that toilet seat!! eww!! We replaced that the first weekend for practically nothing. Good thing we can see potential and can stare down a project because this is one ugly bathroom. I'm really surprised someone put the house on the market with this looking this bad... And seriously - why would you glaze a tub and install almond/tan tile when the floor is black and white?!!

As you can see in our mid progress picture (the medicine cabinet wasn't black to begin with - I had painted that the day they sent us to the hospital to have baby) the vanity is horrible ugly veneer yuck. And nevermind the disgusting countertop - unfortunately that will have to wait for another month - oh well.



Lucky for me, I have samples of wallpaper and fabric laying around the house - part of the job I suppose. This particular one was from a job for a client and because of the large repeat I had them order me a VERY Large sample - IE - fun to play with later and have enough for her file as well. Anyhow - I saw this done somewhere - some random blog I ended up on in the middle of pregnancy insomnia I'm sure - and voila! I love it - now opening the medicine cabinet makes me happy. Plus, redoing it meant I had to clean it out and insist that Sam's hairbrush goes in the closet... :) That also makes me happy. I'm definitely the kind of person that likes everything to have a place and it upsets me when things don't end up in their place. I could go on about that for days. So - moving on. It's stuck on there with normal double stick tape. I tried 3M crazy tape first and it not only was too thick (would mean the shelves wouldn't fit properly) it was also WAY too sticky and difficult to get the paper in there in the right place and smooth.

Sam took it as his job to repaint the vanity. He took the drawers & door off and rolled the box with a foam roller and Rustoleum Latex paint - so much easy to deal with then their oil based version - mostly because you don't ruin brushes as easily. We have a large hardware tote filled with rejects and extras from other projects (Forest Ave) so I dug through the box and found these not so great but definitely better chrome knobs to replace the white ceramic with brass knobs - much better.

And this is the new corner - obviously we will be getting a brand new light and countertop -and we will be painting the walls a great smoky gray blue that matches the wallpaper sample PERFECTLY - but the difference from before is HUGE to us. OMG how we hated that vanity!! And now it is that much more tolerable.

The best part is we only spent $5 on this whole project because we had the paint, wallpaper, and knobs - we just needed a paint tray and brush (because we ruined them on the oil Easy cheesey - love it! Plus, we figure we can redo the whole thing for under $300. Granted, in a couple years we are going to change the shower tile, reglaze the tub, etc. but for now - this will do just fine.

So I'm glad that we can still manage to accomplish projects with also having to take care of William, it just takes a little longer. It took us all day to get this done - when it would have normally only taken a couple of hours. Though, WT wasn't having a great easy day yesterday, lots of fussiness and incessant maybe if he was having a happy baby day and actually taking real naps we could get a lot done. Here's hoping!



Heather @ McKinney Living said...

Hahahaha! Did we have the same crazy former-owner?? We have that EXACT same vanity in our master bath! Is there a classy shell indent on the ride side?? Our faucet might have yours beat though... think wooden handles... awesome!

Meghan said...

OMG! It does have the shell - eww!! Yeah - sorry about the wooden handles - I think that is worse. :( Btw - only Lowe's has a white cultured marble top that is the right depth/width - $64. Easy cheesey!


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