Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We survived our first road trip!

Ok - so last week I was sick with a cold - seriously - when did colds became debilitating?! Not cool. I was down for 3/4 days. My dad came on Monday and stayed through Friday. Huge help. HUGE. I still had to get up for my shift in the middle of the night but then I could hand Daddy the baby and go back to bed for a couple hours. Life saver!! Then - I start getting better on Thursday - take myself off the meds - and I get a stye in my eye. Again - not cool. I didn't know I had a stye until late Friday night, since I've never had one before. But they are REALLY painful. Lots of fun dealing with that all weekend, but finally on Sunday/Monday it started draining good and now it doesn't even hurt. Which is perfect timing because I am home alone with pepito. (who, thank goodness, has decided to fall asleep in the swing)

Now that I have given everyone cause to worry about my lack of immunity - Sam thinks I'm the sickest person he knows... ;)

Friday, I rode up with Daddy to Cleveland so we could make the family rounds and everyone could meet William. We started Saturday morning driving to Gainesville to Mema (William's Great Great Grandmother) could meet him. In her own way - she's in love. She's 96 - give her some credit! :) It was a little heartbreaking though - she's not like herself. She was awesome and CLEVER!! It was amazing - really. She might've invented "bless your heart" before something witty was said. I'm serious. Perfectly Southern - corn was two syllables and of course it was "dahlin". Anyhow - it was nice to see her - and Sara said she was having a mediocre day - so maybe next time we'll catch her on a great day.

Then - we drove back to Cleveland to go to my mom's house. Grandma & Grandpa, Kalin & Lainey, James, and Uncle Brian & Aunt Becky were there. Grandma Marge had made William a smocked outfit, because I had mentioned that I couldn't find anything small enough that was appropriate for church - so I immediately changed him into that. She had also made him a quilt that matches the colors in his room and a pillow with a dragonfly on it that's adorable. Oh - AND she made him an itty bitty bear. Wish I could do HALF the stuff she knows how to. It was fun hanging out with everyone and we ate hotdogs & brats - it was yummy.
On Sunday - it was time for Family day at Daddy & Sara's. Grandmother, Uncle John, Meredith, Kathleen, Kalin, U&A GPaul & Cindy, Dash were all there. Sara made homemade strawberry icecream - which apparently I had requested...I don't remember - but it sure was a good idea on my part! Daddy grilled hamburgers & hotdogs - I think EVERYONE must've gotten the memo that I was obsessed with hotdogs while I was pregnant!! ;) I do LOVE them! Ballpark Angus Beef bun size - highly recommend... I'm not sure who was in charge of the baby - but Sam and I went and claimed my parents insanely comfortable sofa - seriously - I'm expecting there to be a fight in the will for it - and took a nap. It was lovely - but when we woke up - everyone was gone...

We left for home on Monday morning after waffles & bacon (!) - stopped in Atlanta to see Aunt Ellene, Uncle John, and Abby - and then came home. Honestly - breaking up the drive like that made it a lot more enjoyable (bearable). When we got home - we dropped William off at Bill & Becky's (Grandaddy & Bebe's) and we left to clean the house and give the dogs a bath. We cleaned good - even moved furniture. Really Sam was dying to use the new steam mop that came on Friday... He's silly. But it's nice having an organized and clean house - so it was absolutely worth it. and now the dogs are clean enough to come past the back room and in to the rest of house...they might even get to meet William tonight..!

William did pretty good in the car except when he was hungry - so that's good. As long as we keep him full of food we'll be good! but that's our normal goal anyway! ;)


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