Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I realize that our colic/gas situation is well documented so I won't touch that - just try and remember that I thought it was ruining my life. Oh I had no idea. Yesterday I'm changing pepito's diaper for the gazillionith time, undo the velcro and holy moly! my poor baby boy has a seriously swollen groin and his belly button looks like it might explode!! No idea what's going on - I call Sam tell him and then call the peidatrician and make an appointment. I love being a first time mom call them because I never know what anything is - so I'm pretty sure they don't take me very seriuosly when I can't describe symptoms with real doctor words. (I actually used the word "gak" to describe what his poop looked like today...I know...) So I leave a message for the nurse and then call my best friend to see if her son ever had anything like this. He hadn't but we talked for awhile (it was one of those days where we called eachother every 30 minutes with something life changing to talk about! haha) Anyhow - at then end she remembered reading something that babies can get hernias - so I went and googled it - having never seen a hernia and not really knowing what it was - and there you have it. He has a hernia. So, I waited on the nurse to call me back for about 30 minutes, so I called them and the person who answered the phone didn't really give me the time of day for calling back concerned until I said I think he has a hernia and then BOOM - she was talking to a nurse who was asking questions..etc. Turns out it wasn't serious enough to come in right that minute or go to the hospital - so we got an appt. for today (tuesday). 2 hours of waiting to be seen and the nurse practicioner comes in and confirms what we already know. The belly button will fix itself but the inguinal will need to be surgically dealt with. This would be scary (and still kinda is) but it's better after Sam found out it's usually an outpatient surgery - so how bad can it be? Not that I'm wild about my 6 week old baby having surgery - but I'm handling it. (probably with denial, anyhow) As an afterthought she said she'd go ahead and check eyes & ears since we were there and what do you know - he also has an ear infection. Seriously?! One more thing?! Ok, well atleast that explains the massive fussiness (or part of it - he's been fussy his whole life, well since he "woke" up on the 17th). So we get prescriptions and we're on our way. Did you know amoxycillin (sp) is free at Publix - yeah - I didn't either - but that's nice.

I just feel awful for W. He can't catch a break. And he's probably going to have to deal with these earaches for his whole childhood since he's gotten one before 4 months. (not surprising - I'm pretty sure I was 1 earache away from getting tubes in my ears as a little one..) So I guess in reality - he's handling it all pretty well. I know that I whine a lot when I'm sick and he's got a lot of things going on. I'm trying to repeat this to myself when he's crying incessantly and then I'm having to walk the house for 45 minutes to get him to sleep when I really want to be cleaning a room.

On that note - Sam's suggestion for getting me out of the black hole involved a to-do calendar. When we were at Forest, but I was home all day, I had specific things that I did on specific days. Tuesday - clean bathrooms, Thursday & Monday - clean floors, that kind of thing. It gave my empty days purpose and I knew what I needed to accomplish that day - instead of trying to clean the ENTIRE 3,400 sq. ft. in one day. So, yesterday I made a calendar and wrote out what I wanted to get done every week and then left space for the littler things that pop up. Sam showed his brilliance though because by making me write it out - it means that I get to check completed tasks off - and I THRIVE on that. I LOVE getting checks. When I ran a lot - I would go run 4 miles just to get to check the box even if I really didn't feel like running that day. It motivated me. So - HUGE KUDOS for my husband. He must know me pretty well or something. ;) That's what you get when you marry your best friend.

On a very happy note - a friend of mine has a 6 month old and she still swears by the papasan bouncy seat - so this morning we went and checked it out at the consignment shop. Tested it a little bit, he was actually happy at this point - so it was more for size - and we came home with one that I think he will fit in for awhile. (We'll see - he's already up to 11 lbs. 4 oz!!) After the doctor we had to go get the medicine and by the time we were on the way home he was NOT happy! Pulled out the chair, hit vibrate, and happy baby. It was awesome!! I wish we had gotten one 6 weeks ago! So - if you are having babies - get one of these chairs!!! It's MUCH different than a traditional bouncy seat - they lay flatter and are "cocooned" in it - so they don't scrunch down on themselves. He is much happier (sleeping!!) in the new one for the time being. Yay!!


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Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

Both of my boys had umbilical hernias...no real reason why...Cameron's my 3 year old, went away around 8 months...my 11 month old Conner still has his..but they check it every appt and say the defect behind it is small and it will heal. I really hope you catch a break soon...i know all those little things add up to some major stress!! I hope he enjoys his new seat!!


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