Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm addicted...

...to my sewing machine. I seriously wish that I could sew everyday all day. And I wish I had the ability to sew everything I wanted. Slowly but surely... I'm not sure I will ever get the guts to sew myself clothes - but wouldn't that be nice?! What's so nice about all this is that previously I was trying to save up the money to have all these things made. I have a wonderfully talented workroom but even the wholesale cost of having stuff made is out of our limit at the moment. And while it would be ten times more "professional" that what I can do - we are very happy with the quality I am able to do - especially since it means that we can have what we want now!

Anyhow - here's the sewing that adorns our house.

These were my first thing ever sewn. I didn't use a pattern - just good common sense. It was so funny - I had plans to sew it on Saturday but was so excited that I couldn't sleep - so I got out of bed at 11:30 and sewed all night (well, probably until 3 or so.) They took me awhile because I had to figure out what I was doing, and cutting fabric is so stressful, but I love them. The ferns are extra fabric I had bought "just in case" for Nana & Grandaddy's little cottage but we never needed it and the green chenille-y fabric was a remnant I picked up on super clearance sale at a local fabric store. The best part - the down pillow fillers that we already had because of previous pillows that didn't work in our new, condensed, house. I knew my obsession with all things interior would come to good use some day!

These were the fourth home decor project I attempted. I have had this fabric for three years. I bought it to go with my most favorite floral fabric, which I have had plans for the entire time we've been in Columbus. The "plan" for this lovely plaid has changed several times over, but I love these pillows. I didn't press out the seams like I should have so they kinda sink into themselves, but I don't mind that and I might actually like it a little bit.

This is my most favorite floral fabric. I had 37 yards (birthday present in 2008) to make draperies for our living room at Forest Ave (technically draperies for every house we've lived in in Columbus, but yeah.) I made these as a surprise for Sam when he was gone to Mexico. I ended up staying awake most of the night to get them finished and installed the night before he got back. I was so pleased with myself. I was absolutely terrified to cut this fabric, though having so much extra yardage, even when the draperies for the rest of the room are done, made it a little bit easier. They aren't quite perfect...I was cutting the fabric on the floor in front of the doors (the only space large enough to roll out the fabric) and it was difficult to cut a straight line, so the bottom hems are a little off but I still love them and they block the view of our neighbor's driveway nicely. I did line these with a light white cotton and that was a success in and of itself. So much extra work! (and stress to get it just right) We're a little sad that we lost the light that these french doors brought in - but the privacy is worth it!

These are in our master bedroom. The fabric is a gorgeous chocolate and white toile with peacocks!!! I absolutely love the print! We got it on sale at the same fabric store as the green fern and green chenille and it's gorgeous. I didn't line these though. It was the second project I attempted and I wasn't up to the challenge at the time. Luckily, lining isn't necessary at all because 1. they aren't functional 2. hidden behind so much furniture 3. the window faces a very tall fence and will never be seen from the outside except for a heating & air guy 4. we haven't opened the blinds since we moved the bed to this wall. The most difficult part of sewing these was the length and amount of fabric I had to feed through the machine. I didn't realize how much the fabric would weigh and how much that would affect how easily I could sew the hems. I just went a little slower and all was fine. In the master plan - there is a chocolate cornice board with white molding and our bedding will be white with chocolate "hotel". I've even talked Sam into letting us make an upholstered headboard (NO FOOTBOARD!!!). All of this is on the major out in the future plan but for the moment we are really enjoying just having window treatments at all. I wish more people would realize what a difference they make in softening and "finishing" a room.
Just a different view of the same.

Just this past weekend I got up the nerve to try and make little jumpers for William. The first attempt didn't go so well - didn't realize the pattern wasn't going to tell me EVERYTHING I needed to know - but the second and third attempts turned out so cute!

Second jumper - fabric was a 1 yd remnant on sale 70% off. I might have paid a dollar for it and how cute is this?! It's a little big so I need to adjust the straps but omg - I could die. I love the plaid corduroy!!
Third attempt. This was also a 1yd remnant and I know I paid less than a dollar for this one! I made it in a smaller size because the other was so big, but turns out it's a tad small on him so he won't get to wear it very long. But he was the cutest thing at church on Sunday!! Smocking outfits beware! ;)

Thank you for indulging my newfound love. I hope that maybe you won't be so scared of what you can do yourself. I was kicked off the sewing machine when I was 12 because I kept "breaking" it and had avoided sewing like the plague until this year. (thank you Sara for helping me learn!) It's not difficult at all and actually the hardest part is probably learning how to thread the machine correctly. Turns out - that's where most of the problems with sewing start. Keep the manual to your machine!!!

Have fun with it! It's supposed to be enjoyable!!



Lindsey said...

I've always liked "Rumor Has It" for your blog. :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mad sewing skills. jace got me a sewing machine for our first christmas together. So far, I've managed to sew up the crotch of one pair of his pants. Maybe this is the inspiration i need! :)

Meghan said...

I tried - Rumer Has It wasn't available for some reason....that's what I wanted from the very beginning!!

It's so easy!! You will love it! And what a good husband! I hemmed a pair of Sam's pants this weekend (he has like 5 more for me to do...) and it was so satisfying to save that money. Sew it all magazine has a great website with patterns and stuff - I made the cutest little bluebird out of felt for a gift and kept the first try for William. Easy cheesey!!!


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