Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas

I realize I should be doing a New Year's post but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I also realize I should probably post more than 1 picture for William's first Christmas but we took literally 500+ pictures and I just can't choose. So here you are - My family in front of the tree on Christmas morning.

Side note - I love that I have a family now. You get married and you think - wow - we are our own family now - how neat. And it's just that neat. Family took on a whole new meaning when we had William. We are our own little entity and that warms my heart. Not that Sam didn't warm my heart but it's just different. Huh - really didn't explain that very well did I? Oh well. Back to the task at hand.

I woke up at 4:00 am in anticipation of William wanting his paci back in his mouth. Didn't happen and I couldn't talk Sam into getting up to do Christmas until 6:00am when it occurred to him that we could do our Christmas much easier without baby. That was fun. We always got up early to do Christmas, just us, and then went to Waffle House and then to the Rumer's house for more family Christmas. (did I mention I love Christmas!?!) I was so excited - I just laid in bed thinking about how much fun it is going to be when William is more excited than I am and runs in our room and MAKES us get up to see if Santa came. That just sounds like the best thing in the world. (insert sappy mom here - enjoy - it rarely shows up)

Pepito woke up promptly at 7:00, I swear you could set your clock to him most days, and he sat in my lap and I opened presents. He got lots of cute things, none of which was as interesting as the red metallic ribbon I wrapped them with. Love him.

Then we headed to Bill & Becky's to do family Christmas. William got PLENTY of attention and at this point we were still able to keep his nap schedule on track, which makes for a very pleasant baby. Not to mention he was super cute in his Christmas Outfit. (I have a feeling I might be glossing over this whole holiday just to get it all in - I'm sorry ahead of time) We had dinner, beef tenderloin yum, and then headed home to pack up the entire house to go to Cleveland.

We took the Xterra just so we would be able to fit everything. Seriously, as much as I would have rather taken the fuel efficient car, there is no way we would have been able to get everything in the Fusion. I swear there was a kitchen sink somewhere in there. It was definitely chaos trying to pack. Sam & I hadn't packed because we knew we were going to want to take some of our Christmas presents, William was only sort of packed, and we hadn't even broken down the pack and play yet. So that took awhile and our house paid the price. I hate coming home to a dirty house but ugh. Finally got pepito fed enough to travel and off we went without incident. No traffic and it was lovely.

Got to my mom's house at night and then did Christmas the next morning with my brother and Lainey. James had to work and Meredith was on a flight back from San Diego so it was pretty low key and that was fun. William really like tissue paper this time around. And watching us play guitar hero. Those were the highlights. The non-highlights were poor little guy desperately needed to poop and he was NOT happy about it. And the nap schedule was starting to get messed up here. Not too bad but apparently he doesn't do well with excitement and sleeping in new places. Ate dinner with the grandparents and aunt & uncle, hung out some more, and then packed up again to go to my Dad's house. 90% sure we took my mom's kitchen sink too.

Dad's house was already full of people. Kathleen, Colin & Kellie, and Meredith were there and that was super fun. William walked in to his present already set up and ready to go - so we plopped him down in the walker and he loved it. Went straight for the metal bar with his mouth. Really funny. I'm sure he thought that was the whole point of his new toy there for a minute. He did figure out he could move around in it, but only backwards. He hasn't figured out going forwards yet. We sat around the island cutting up and talked my parents into letting us play beer pong. I have never played before - so that was super fun. (I think my team won both times but I can't be certain...)

William didn't want to go to bed at all. Luckily my Dad & Sara volunteered to make that happen so Sam & I could have some fun and not have to argue with him. Poor guy I think he was scared when he woke up in yet a different room and a different crib and it took him hours to get over that. Best part - he slept in the pack and play in my parents room - so we didn't have to hear him AT ALL all night. It was great.

We wake up - do Christmas with the family. Total craziness with five kids, three spouses/girlfriends, and one baby. Love it! I can't remember what William liked most this time, but it was probably wrapping paper and not one of his super fun toys. Or he might've been asleep - he definitely sleep through extended family Christmas later that day. The whole thing. Missed it all. That was his one good nap of the entire weekend. He slept for two hours in my arms. We were so off schedule - it was crazy. Though - our schedule was very fluid to begin with but it was totally shot by the third day of Christmas. Oh well.

We went shopping in Atlanta on Monday while Daddy & Sara kept pepito and then laid low on Tuesday and left Tuesday night. It took forever to feed William that night. He had 11 ounces and still wouldn't go to sleep. We finally had to put him in the car awake and hope for the best. Luckily - it worked. The car put him to sleep. Again - we traveled without incident, no traffic, nothing. Got home to Columbus late, put pepito in bed and refused to unpack the car except for the basket of bottles and papasan vibrating bouncy seat. Those were necessary. Our suitcase - not so much. Probably need the kitchen sink but we were too tired to deal with it.

We're slowly getting back to our routine - William is taking catnaps more than anything - but that's, unfortunately, not unusual. I think all the stimulation and the constant switching of houses just really had him on edge. Not sure how to undo that because we have to see all the family but maybe next year it won't be such a big deal because he'll be older. Let's hope anyway.
So that was our Christmas. William had fun, I got 9 of my most favorite albums for Williams pictures, Sam got an airhog and some serious germ-x stuff, and we can cloth our child without buying new clothes. Which is important because he's oh so close to switching sizes on us.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas surrounded by their most favorite people.


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