Friday, January 29, 2010

Up and Out

Just noticed - Happy 100 posts to me!! Took me right at a year!! First Post Ever...

Turns out our little man has reflux, not a cold. Total news to me since apparently reflux can produce coughing and congestion and fussiness. Thank goodness it was just reflux though - RSV has been floating around to every baby I know and I was about convinced that's what he had and we were going to the hospital. (though he didn't have a fever, wasn't really having THAT much trouble breathing, and what I thought was throw-up was only spitting up....)

His congestion was getting infinitely worse this week - cough medicine wasn't helping break it up and he was just so unhappy and pitiful. So I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with the pediatrician. I didn't want to take him to the doctor because when we went in early December the PA told me there was nothing wrong with and (basically that I was being one of THOSE hypochondriac moms) Well - ha! I was right! There was something wrong with my sweet little son and if he had taken half the time PA Patty did William wouldn't have had to live with it for two months.

The congestion would get better and then worse, better, worse - so for about half of the two months I thought he was doing ok. And when he was worse - I was just trying to hope for the best and secretly enjoying the two hour naps. I now feel super guilty for that - but seriously - how was I supposed to know? (especially when a medical professional writes me off - yes, I'm THAT bitter)

Good news - we'd been doing mostly right. Thickening his bottles with rice cereal - he only wants them that way, so he was self-diagnosing himself - and sucking snot out of his nose with saline water. And now we have to keep him mostly upright for about an hour after eating and prop up his mattress so he's not sleeping totally flat. (She suggested sleeping in the carseat - but there's NO WAY that would fly with pepito...) She also gave us a prescription for baby Zantac and it'll take about two weeks to really kick in.

Hopefully we'll have a super happy baby by then. It was funny - she asked how long he had been fussy and I must've had this look on my face that said forever because I didn't say anything and she said "ok, several weeks". Oops - probably shouldn't be THAT readable! Anyhow - I'm just happy that I'm not crazy, I am a good mom, and he will get better and be happy.

Different note - I had no idea that eating carrots produced bright orange poop. Very surprising.

OH - and if you've got a chance - go check out his newest pictures by Hadley at - client proofing - access code: meghanrumer. He was teething hardcore that day - but his faces are so cute!


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Lindsey said...

My favorite is IMG_6060-2! His smile is adorable.

As for the reflux, the zantac should make a huge difference, if it doesn't in 2 weeks be sure and let your ped know because there's baby prevacid, too. Prevacid ended up being the best for both of my kiddos. The zantac worked initially them they seemed to grow out of it and needed something stronger.

We propped their cribs with 2x4 scraps that Jace picked up somewhere. Something under the legs (like a giant phonebook) seemed to work better than trying to prop the mattress.

I'm sorry you're little guy has reflux, but isn't it nice to be able to say, "See. I told you something was wrong!"


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