Friday, January 8, 2010

Late New Year's

So I am 100% behind in this post, I know.

We went low key this year for New Year's eve. Grilled steaks at a friend's house and did the whole countdown for midnight - we were all pretty impressed with ourselves for staying up that late. Especially considering that we have pepito with us. He did pretty well for not being put down in his own crib. It took a long time for him to get to sleep and then we woke him up with all of our loud countdown fun (we were at the complete opposite side of the house and there had to have been atleast 5 plaster walls inbetween us, but I guess we were having a LOT of fun) So we had to leave pretty much immediately after 12. Not a bad thing. Next year we will definitely get a babysitter though.

And we managed to start a tradition. Last year we spend New Year's with Hadley, Bobby, April & Will - and did the same this year - so it's official - we have to keep on doing it. Fun times! And for the few in the know - it was nice not to have to steal spoons to feel like we got something out of the night this year!! ;)

New Year's Day - I'm assuming was low key as well - since I don't really remember what we did. I think we cleaned the house and went to Target for school supplies (more on that later!). We went to Bill & Becky's for dinner and was there a football game on? I seriously have no idea what we did....

New Year's Day - his outfit has a pirate ship on the front - he's not a jailbird ;)

We didn't really make resolutions this year. Sam & both want to start running but that's going to be a more time management issue with pepito. I want to be more present - but I'm constantly working on that, not just because it's a new year. We want to get as much done on the house as possible before we have to refinance late spring. But I don't know - I don't really feel a whole lot like making humongo unattainable resolutions. Just not in the mood this year. Plus, they're kinda silly anyway. Either you do them and you're awesome (but you probably would've done them without making some crazy big statement) or you don't and feel like poo all year. So that's how I feel about that. :)

We are starting to transition William into his 6-9 month clothes. Mostly because I had forgotten to do laundry so he was all out of 3-6 for the moment and he got lots of cute new clothes. He finally fits into his 3-6 month jeans - so cute today! He's up around 16 lbs now - so he's right on his schedule. He switches sizes officially about 2 weeks before what the size says. That's kinda nice. When we were pregnant everyone said to bet on being a size ahead - and I was so worried that we were going to be constantly buying clothes and nothing would fit and it would be a ($) nightmare. But so far so good. My little boy is always a size behind in pants - so they will fit forever and everything else is on time for the most part. I'll take it. We're really trying rein in our pepito spending this year and this is certainly helping.

He loves staring out the window

He is eating lots of baby food now. Yesterday, we went taking care of Hads, whose back went haywire, so he was just on the bottle and he ate like a horse. 10 oz for breakfast, then 7, then 8, etc. It was wild. And Lindsey said that her baby did that and took it as a sign to start giving more baby food. So today he got 2 - 2.5 containers, one in late morning, and early afternoon. Note to self - do NOT do the prunes - atleast all concentrated. It was every where - on the front end and the back end. Absolute craziness. He liked them though... I tried peas - but he was SO not into it. He was so excited to be getting yummy food and then shut his mouth after the first bite. This afternoon we did applesauce and that was fine. He's not been super excited about anything except bananas. So I guess I can safely go ahead and make that in bulk.

This is what happens when he thinks he's a big boy and can feed himself. Little does he know this picture will resurface at a very embarrassing moment later in life...

I am going to try and start making his baby food. Not for any crazy hippie reason - just think it would be nice and definitely cost effective. 52 cents is sure to add up eventually. And it's freezeable - so that will be good. Hadley even let me borrow these trays that make a perfect 1 oz cube of frozen food. Maybe I'll start this weekend. Baby needs bananas.

On the big news - I started school this Monday. I'm taking Anatomy I at Columbus Tech. It's a lot of work but I'm really enjoying it so far. I am planning on applying to Columbus State's nursing program and WHEN I get in - it will be two years. So - Summer 2012 I will be working again - if all goes to plan. Pretty darn excited. It's difficult right now trying to read and study and take care of pepito, but I'm managing. My advisor told me not to buy the books until I went to class but my professor was under the assumption everyone had bought them. So Tuesday monring I rush out to get the book and managed to read 86 pages while feeding and putting William down to nap. At one point he was crawling up and around the back of my neck while I was reading. I felt like SuperMom for that one minute. I think I might be able to handle this afterall.

My first day of school - I think the angle makes me look like a bobble head...
and, yes, that's our Christmas tree that we forgot to take down to the recycling area...ugh. it's still there.

Next wonder blogging installment - sewing! I've been meaning to talk about this since I am seriously addicted to my sewing machine - and writing it right now will mean that I have to. :)


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