Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watching William

I am absolutely fascinated by my kid. It is truly amazing everything that he has figured out how to do. Right now - I am enjoying watching him use two hands to play with toys. He's actually been doing this for several weeks - but it just occurred to me today that it was really really cool that he figured it out. It's really fun to watch him try to play with the balls on the mobile I made him. He stares at the feather balls and then very deliberately reaches his hands out to try and catch one. Seriously adorable. You can just see all the wheels in his brain turning trying to make it happen.

Another new, but nearly as fascinating, thing he does is object to toys (wet wipes) being taken away. He gets so upset and it's kinda cute in a I-wish-I-wasn't-having-to-hear-him-scream-but-this-is-a-developmental-milestone kind of way... And yesterday - he was laying on my tummy and dropped a toy and went after it. It was the first time he's done that and poor guy managed to roll off of me a little to suddenly and hit his head on the crib leg. I felt awful - he was wailing - it was bad. But it's just red today and not swollen at all. So, it's official, he's ALL boy. Can't wait until he is TRULY mobile - that's going to be interesting.

I fall in love with him everyday

I just realized there has been a hernia update and you didn't get it! It's gone!!! Now he just has a loose skin belly button which is so much cuter than the crazy protruding one he had for months!! So I guess the doc was right - it would right itself in time. Kid just had to get some ab muscles! Here's hoping it doesn't return and we end up having surgery when he's 4 anyway...

He is starting to THINK about rolling over from back to belly which will end changing table happy time. We won't be able to leave him anywhere! Not really looking forward to that but I suppose he has to roll before crawl before walk - so I guess I'll learn to live with it. (Not that I really have a choice!)

Saturday after breakfast we went to B&B's to flip flop the dining room and formal living room. I only tell you this because I'm posting pictures of Bill & William. It's adorable - Bill is collecting pictures of just him & pepito for a "William & William" album. (and he thought of this all on his own - I melt!) (However, I still think it's funny that he forgets that William is also named after my Dad - too bad Sam wouldn't let him be a two namer...) anyhow.

obviously talking about very serious secret "William" things

Positive development - William has rediscovered an appreciation for the jogging stroller. Thank goodness!! We went out earlier in the week all bundled up and then again yesterday when the weather was gorgeous. He just sat there and absorbed all the scenery. Not a peep or fuss out of him. Let the workouts begin! (ha - I had M&M's for lunch...)

I also think that someone has stolen my kid and replaced him with a happy quiet baby. It's kinda ridiculous. The screaming and general fussiness has been replaced with sitting in the Graco stroller quite contently. I feel like I'm sitting on a time bomb - but it never went off! I think the teething is giving him a break but it's wonderful. Except that I knew what to expect when he was unhappy all the time. I have no idea what to do now that he is perfect.... Atleast once daily I am convinced that he is sick because he's sleeping/quiet... Silly me! I'll enjoy it while it's here though!


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