Friday, January 22, 2010

I think I've walked 10 miles this week

Turns out my kid prefers to take naps in the stroller. Atleast that was the case on Thursday. I walked twice, saw every street in the neighborhood I wasn't scared to walk down, and I'm pretty sure it was in excess of five miles. And for all of that - he slept maybe a total of 40-50 minutes. The second time around we got "adventurous" and ended up having to go up some pretty steep hills...oh my. Though I'm happy to do it since it makes him happy. He just sits contently and looks at the world. And when he gets tired of the scenery, he takes a little nap. I really need to find the headphones to my iPhone - atleast then I could jam out to something other than Baby Einstein.

Me & My Button

I've been trying to not be so stressed that I'm not getting anything accomplished all day. Really I just started yesterday. He was beyond upset because apparently he needed to poop - all this "real" food is sometimes too much for him I guess - but he screamed bloody murder for 2 hours. And there was nothing that would make him happy except for cuddling & rocking with mommy. So I had lost the hour walking, then two hours holding him, and then another hour walking again. I needed to study, do laundry, sew a window treatment for a friend, wash bottles, clean the kitchen, put his laundry away, etc etc ETC - and couldn't do any of it. I just abandoned my day, let it go, and decided not to stress. My baby needed me and I needed to be there for him. It was kind of a relief to let it all go. (though I still have to get all those things done...) That's my mom moment of the week - enjoy. :)

He doesn't know how to play with it yet - but he loves to stare at it turn

We are starting to have a routine which is awesome. First thing in the morning is a bottle watching Curious George (LOVE!), followed by playing in his room, and then naptime anywhere from starting at 9-9:45. If we're home and not trying to run errands this is much easier. He wakes up from that nap, change diaper - I can always count on a poopy one by now if he didn't manage one earlier, get naked, and it's baby food time, followed with a bottle. We play some more but usually in the walker or living room. Then Daddy comes home for lunch and we try to stay awake for him but he's usually down for another nap around noon-noon30ish. (like that new word?! ha) Wake up from that nap - more baby food and then hopefully a walk at the park or our neighborhood if mommy has her stuff together. Then around 4 -4:45 he usually wants another nap - but not always. Around 5:45 he decides he wants his nighttime bottle and daddy gives it to him and puts him to bed. It's nice to finally have some kind of idea about what's going to happen all day. The details of eating and napping always change but the general idea works. (unless he decides to not nap all afternoon which has happened a couple times and we're all miserable...)

Superman! This is how we play and it's kinda a mini-workout for me!

I think I mentioned this before - but he has found his feet and he thinks he is the bees knees. It's so funny. And it's becoming increasingly difficult to change his diaper and put clothes on him because of it. OH - and I don't think I've ever mentioned that we have a yumyum song. I figured out early on that when he's fussy eating that if I sing to him it calms him down. I used to sing random songs - but Sam is so much better at that than I am - so I started singing YumYumYummy to the tune of "Hello my baby, Hello my darlin, I don't know the rest of the words.." It is seriously like magic. He recognizes it and calms right down and will focus on eating. I'm pretty sure my in-laws think I'm nuts, but it works and that's all that matters. Plus, I think it's kinda of sweet that we have a pseudo-secret song like that.

Look Mom - Feet!!!

On a side note - school is kicking my butt (not really - I made a 98 on my first lab quiz!!) but I'm terrified of the two exams next week. More terrified because I'm sitting here blogging instead of studying but y'know...


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