Friday, January 15, 2010

My Sweet Monster

My kid is a monster. How is that for honesty?! haha No, seriously, he's teething and it's killing me. I'm sure it's killing him as well because until yesterday he hadn't stopped screaming and crying. Poor little guy. Hadley pointed out that if teething happened to adults we would all be begging for the good drugs. So I totally feel for him but I feel for my sanity as well. It's so hard to be all for being a stay at home mom when he's not happy at being alive and awake. I also feel 100% helpless. There is NOTHING I can do to make it better. I give him tylenol, orajel, rub his gums, let him gnaw on whatever piece of me he wants to (he enjoys my nose at the moment) - but I can't make it better.

(and my husband just told me not call him a monster - but since I'm saying it affectionately I think it's ok. and also since he's not at home all day dealing with it...just saying.) Love you honey!

As y'all know - I'm not a touchy feeling mom. It didn't bother me when he screamed at shots, went back for surgery, screamed at the anesthesia - but at one moment this week, I really felt bad that I couldn't do anything. It was brief, but it was there. And thank goodness I don't feel like that often. How in the world do people function feeling like that?! It was awful! Anyhow - there - I'm not super-robot-mom - I am actually human and feel things. ;)

Atleast he's super cute. And he WAS in a great mood on Thursday. All cuddling in to me and sitting happy with me on the sofa. And that totally made it all better. Plus - Hadley kept him for me while I went to do my Junior League placement and when I came in the door he started smiling and laughing. Hadley said he hadn't done that the whole time - he was just happy to see ME. (omg - I adore that kid) Nothing like that to make everything bad disappear for a second.

Different direction - he's still a finicky-ish eater but he LOVES some bananas!!! Gets all happy and opens his mouth and definitely doesn't let too much of it fall out. I've been making his baby food - well making what I know he likes (so far just apples and bananas) and it is surprisingly easy. Next up - sweet potatoes and maybe carrots, even though he hasn't tried the latter yet, but we have them so why not?! He DOES NOT like peas. I think I did finally get him to eat the jar but he wasn't happy about it. Covered in green. Ooh yuck. (that's for you Hadley ;)

Sleeping is still pretty much catnaps all day which is slowly killing me but whatever - I'm used to it now. It's making studying really difficult though, I will say that. He is still pretty much sleeping through the night but he wakes up early (4:30-5:00) and thinks that it's time to play. So unfortunately, pepito is learning to cry it out every morning now. He usually puts himself back to sleep and he will usually sleep until after 7:00 because of it but our rooms are so close that it's hard for US to sleep through it. Hopefully he'll grow out of it. If he didn't want to go to bed so early that would be helpful. But, without fail, he's ready for bedtime feeding sometime around 5:45 - 6:15. And lord help you if you don't give it to him!! Atleast we have the 4-6 hours after he goes to bed. (unless I fall asleep on the couch at 9 like last night and miss all that quality time with my

I'm trying to think of anything else interesting - but I'm pretty sure he's the same as the last major update. Likes to stand, put everything in his mouth, still refuses to roll over from back to belly, recreational yells, loves being naked, etc.



Lindsey said...

My personal opinion is that things just became all together much better when they sit up on thier own. They can entertain themselves more, are more interactive, and just easier.

I let mine cry it out (more than I ever thought I would) but a woman has got to sleep if she's to care for them during the day, right?! Our bathroom fan is super loud so I turn that on in case someone wakes up fussing. If they're all out screaming, I can hear them over it.

Isn't it crazy how one little thing they do or say can make days worth of heartache sooooo worth it? :)

He's just darling, Meghan. He looks more like you everyday and you're a fantastic mom.

pve design said...

As my twins turn "17" in February, I look back and never realized how quickly they would grow. Enjoy every minute with your little monster.
Before you know it, your little monster, will a big monster soon.


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