Sunday, January 3, 2010

William by Numbers

Our sweet little William is five months old today. Everyone says it but it's amazing how fast time goes by. And I was thinking - when you're five months pregnant I felt like I had been pregnant for FOREVER! Yet - I definitely don't feel like we've had William for FOREVER! (most days anyhow...some are longer than others...) Just thought that was interesting.

Let's see - in the past month William has:

Rediscovered his affinity for razzing - only this time it's accompanied with actual spit. Hilarious when he gets going but the amount of liquid coming out of his mouth is astounding.

We moved up to size 3 diapers. Not sure his little body was quite ready for it but we needed to buy some and didn't see any sense in buying 264 diapers in a size that was almost too small and we don't like to waste money buying smaller packs. So - he has purple harlequin diapers that look humongous on him.

He really likes to walk, stand, generally be on his feet. He loves playing in the jumper especially now that his shoes fit.

EVERYTHING MUST BE TASTED. It's crazy - he can now grab at things and they always go in the mouth first.

Naked time still rocks.

He got a walker for Christmas and he thinks he's king of the world - until he runs into a corner, chair, wall, small object that impedes his progress.

The swaddler is not always the saving grace it used to be.

He can roll from his tummy to his back but not the other way around.

The word BOOP always produces a smile and usually laughter. Hence - we now call him Boo Boo. Poor guy - let's hope it doesn't stick.

We had a brief stint when he refused to sleep through the night. He remembered how only to be bombarded by the holiday musical houses - we're still trying to recover for the most part.

LOVES FRUIT. Apples & Bananas are the fave so far.

Is getting more hair and it's definitely going to be some kind of red.

Daddy is still the expert at bedtime. Mommy is the expert all day. ;)

Is still constantly amused by recreational yelling. It's not funny anymore.

Cannot ride in the car without Baby Einstein Mozart cd and a ridiculous amount of toys suspended from the seat handle.

Most days - we don't have to change his outfit. He hardly spits up or wets through his diaper.

Pooping still rules our life. He MUST poop or my life is miserable (and I'm sure his is as well)

Loves his paci. He knows how to take it out and put it in backwards. We're working on that slowly...

He most certainly teething - no teeth coming through - but thank goodness for tylenol and orajel. There are days where we wouldn't survive without it.

I'm sure there are plenty more adorable and noteworthy things that he has done in the past month - but I'm done.

Happy Fifth Month Baby Boy!


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