Monday, February 1, 2010

End of January already?

Seriously - this year is flying - almost as fast as the year before! I can't believe January is over already but I can't wait to see what the new month brings! (hopefully sitting and playing contently by himself...)

Anyhow - the new medicine has been a trip. Apparently, and I'm just guessing, there's some kind of stimulant in it because if we give it to him too close to bedtime - good luck on getting him to sleep. What is usually a 30-45(tops) ordeal turns into 2 hours atleast. It has been exhausting!! Luckily after only three days we figured this out and last night went a little bit better. He's waking up a little too early for our tastes, starting at about 5 and on the good days we can hold him off until 6:30.

I think the whole reflux thing is made worse because his teeth are starting to hurt again. So I never know what crying means what and we just end up in the stroller walking around the neighborhood. Which is fine with me and also with him. One of his top teeth is THIS close to coming in though and hopefully that will bring him (and us) some relief. We'll see.

Good & Bad news - he's back to being a show-off baby again. Which means when we go to the in-laws he is a pleasure and a joy. That's the good news. The bad news - nobody believes me when I say he's been a crying teething reflux monster all day. And how could you when he's all smiley and happy but it's frustrating. I wish he would be smiley for me. And I guess he is - but not as often as I would like. Oh well. One day.

He can now sit with very little support and sometimes no support (thought that doesn't last very long). He absolutely likes to be in the middle of things and can sense when you aren't paying attention to him even if you're in the same room. This is when he pulls out the "I'm so upset and possibly in pain" cry that he knows gets our attention and we will pick him up/give him what he wants. He knows how to work us. Oops.

I think he has given up on rolling over back to tummy. No big deal. More time on the changing table. Unfortunately, with all the snot sucking I've been doing on the changing table it is no longer our happy place. He starts crying the minute I put him down there. Wish it had occurred to me to do that on the sofa or ANYWHERE else and not ruin the happy place, but it's too late now. Good news - I am getting snot out of his head. The things I consider successes now are a little unsettling. haha!


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