Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And the Magic Number Is....


My little pepito is six months old today and the difference between a month ago and today is seriously like magic. Two days ago he began being happy (for atleast twenty minutes!!) playing by himself. I cannot even begin to tell y'all how exciting this is for me. After months and months of trying my best to keep him entertained and, well, just shooting for relatively happy, he can now do it on his own. Case and point - right this very minute he is playing in his crib, no screaming, crying, nothing. He is talking to himself and playing with a handful of toys. It is truly amazing. There IS light at the end of this tunnel!!

The Six Month Rundown:

*Has found and loves his feet
*Is now on medicine for reflux and it seems to be helping - though we won't truly know for two weeks
*Wears 6-9 month clothes
*Weighed 16lbs 12ozs at the doctor last week
*Only likes his bottles warm
*Love all baby food EXCEPT peas
*Everything goes in his mouth
*Has noticed Burnie the cat, and she has acknowledged him
*Hasn't screamed while in the car in a very long time
*Really enjoys taking walks in the jogging stroller
*Hilbert the blue elephant is his new favorite buddy
*Likes to sleep with his head in the corner of the crib and will move there if you put him down anywhere else
*Can't wait for warmer weather so he can be naked all the time
*Splashing in the bathtub is the MOST fun
*Likes to help cook (eat wooden spoons and sit on the countertop in the bumpo)
*Squeals in delight
*Laughs when tickled on the changing table
*Checks to make sure Daddy is watching him play
*Horrible teething has taken a backseat for the moment
*There is a top tooth about to break through
*Loves to chew on Mommy's chin
*Prefers to be standing
*Still rocking the size 3 diapers
*Really enjoys pulling his socks off
*Still too skinny (and short) for many of his pants
*Has been mistaken for a girl recently, but I think that's because I was buying pink fabric to make a dress for a friend's baby...
*Moved up to the bigger and better 6 month MAM pacis
*Grabbing things with two hands, holding on to them, and putting them in his mouth
*Is mesmerized by both his mobiles and really upset that Mommy won't let him pull on the feather balls
*Loves his walker and has been able to "jump" thresholds
*Knows the PBS commercial song
*Enjoys Curious George in the morning
*Bedtime is not as easy as it used to be because he would rather play
*Two hours awake, One-ish hour nap is our general schedule still
*Prefers to be rocked to sleep
*Does not travel well without music, specifically Baby Einstein Mozart
*Is really close to sitting up by himself
*Still shows no interest in flipping back to tummy
*Does all the right moves for crawling - just not simultaneously

Those are the highlights but mainly the being happy part is what is changing our life, my life. I'm glad I held on (not that I had a choice - ha!) the past six months to get to this and I'm convinced it can only get better and more fun. He's a darling little boy and I am happy to say that I am looking forward to the next six months!


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