Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spoke Too Soon

The chair picture was the last time he was truly happy. Poor little guy began wailing and not eating soon there after. It was terrible. And almost non-stop. And then that evening it was just plain bad. More wailing and we could tell something hurt but no idea what. We were guessing that his congestion was ticking him off majorly or maybe he was finally going to get that top tooth his mouth has been working on. Either way - we were up all night. I threw in the towel (was relieved by Sam) at 12:15 and Sam was up until 1:00 with him. Finally get William down and then two hours later (apparently - I don't remember this but it would make sense as to why I woke up exhausted) I got up to put the paci back in and pat him to sleep. Then at 4:00 he began to cry again and cried until 5:00. Sam got up these times, bless him, and I guess he fell back asleep. Thankfully he slept until 7:15, I think, and I got up with him and tried to feed him breakfast during Curious George. He was having none of that and basically that is how our day went. Me trying to get him to eat, ANYTHING, and him wailing about it. There were a couple happy moments in the walker, but they were short lived.

At about 4:30 today, after the zillionith attempt and failure at getting him to eat, I decided that it was time to be concerned that he had only eaten 7 oz all day and we were going to the Pediatric Acute Care. (btw Columbus parents - this place rocks!) I first tried to call the pediatrician but to no success - their phone kept hanging up on me and I am none to pleased with them at the moment but whatever.

By the time we get to Acute Care, poor little guy is asleep. We have to wake him up to get weighed, etc. and he just wants to be held and sleep on our shoulders. Tell the sweet little nurse what's going on, she takes his heartbeat and oxygen levels. I had no idea you could test oxygen through his ankle - but that's a cool trick I guess. We watch Madagascar on the tv in the exam room and wait for the doctor. I think his name was Dr. Davis - but whoever he was I really wish he had a private practice. He was lovely. Much better than our doctor, anyhow.

He looks in William's ears and they are full full full. Both of them. Poor guy - no wonder he was ticked off at the world. And then, just to be on the safe side because it's making the rounds, he wanted to do an RSV test. He really thought it would be negative because William didn't have a fever and wasn't having any real difficulty breathing but I was totally fine with the test because every baby we know has had RSV and it's scary stuff.

Turns out our little pepito has RSV (which I learned is the baby version of bronchitis) but all is well and no need to rush to the hospital or put him on breathing treatments. The nurses give him a mega shot dose of antibiotics to jump start all of that, and he screams and now hates the sweet blond nurse with the cool red glasses, and we're good to go. We get home and give him some ear drops we have from the last infection (they don't expire until 2011 thank goodness), he eats more ounces of formula, and goes to sleep pretty easily.

We just need to watch him closely tomorrow to make sure that RSV doesn't go crazy bad, fill the antibiotic prescription, check in with our pediatrician on Monday if everything is looking on the up and up and we're good to go.

It's nice to know that I am in tune with my kid - I knew something was wrong. And while he probably didn't have an ear infection or RSV when we went to the doc last week - I would like to be taken a little more seriously when we do go to the doctor. From now - no more PAs - we want to see a doctor, and we would prefer the doctor to be Dr. Evangelist (not technically OUR doctor...big practice). So there you have it. William wasn't mad at me for the past 48 hours, he doesn't like having gunk in his ears. I feel slightly better.

Now what I actually spoke too soon about was - William rolled over back to tummy. Turns out that when he really wants to play with his barn animals truck he'll do just about anything to get to it. Good thing that truck doesn't live on the changing table...


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Angie said...

Bless his heart.

No kidding, I love Acute Care and Dr. Davis and totally wish his practice was in Columbus. I know exactly what you mean about "R" as well...

A mother's instincts are always best. Which is why a doctor's shouldn't blow off the mom's when they tell them something's not right!

Take care!


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