Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bbbbecoming a Bbbbig Bbbboy

Here's the William catch-up that is weeks overdue...

He is quickly getting bigger and more grown up right before our eyes. He can now sit up by himself, no support necessary, and catches himself most times before he falls. Watching these little muscles grow is so funny. One day he would fall over at the least little unbalance and now he is catching himself with his obliques (or his hands). And he is so proud of himself. He doesn't have to have to toys to be tickled that he is sitting. He will sit and pump his hands and babble to anyone who will listen, stuffed animals included.

With sitting brings a whole new level of happiness thank goodness. Now he can play by himself and I don't even have to be in the same room, thanks to the return of the pack n play. The hamper really wasn't cutting it - when he would fall he would scratch his head and we were pretty sure that two more scratches and someone was going to call DFCS on us...uhoh. It is now full of toys and he loves it.

More momentous, we have a happy baby in general now. This has been almost 7 months coming but I am so grateful! He is now "showing off" for me and my life is so much better and easier! He is content to play in his walker, which he is now a pro in - seriously - watch out!!, or sit in his crib, or my lap and is just happy almost all the time. Those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning can appreciate this for me I am sure! It's nothing short of a miracle!

Teething is still a major part of this little man's life but we have no cut throughs yet. He developed a rash from all the extra water flowing from his mouth, but thanks to Jill Holcumb, we found some cream that has all but made it go completely away. I'm almost convinced that when he does finally get some teeth it's going to be a whole mouthful but that might just be hopeful wishing.

Sweet potatoes now top the list of favorite foods, poor bananas are a distant second. I also managed to get him to eat and enjoy a green vegetable finally - green beans. Pears and peaches were also sampled with success, so I guess I now need to go buy these things to mash up into baby food. Maybe I'll get to that next week...

Sam informed me this morning that his pajama arms were getting too small, so I guess I should expect a switch from 6-9 to 12 month clothes sooner than usual this time around. I think he's long waisted like his momma - new clothes are slightly tight in the crotch - but we'll just wait and see. Thank goodness for the huge biannual consignment sale next week!! He doesn't have much to wear when he's officially outgrown 6-9 - my little boy is getting so big!

He has been steadily working on more babble sounds. His favorite at the moment is B. He sits and just practices. BBBBbbbbbbbbbbbb It's SOO cute. He also has a sound that mimics "Hey" and he has just discovered how to making a smack/clucking type sound. He shows absolutely no interest in learning how to make an M or D - so we might be out of luck for his first word. Oh well - I think my first word was cat...

He still loves the jogging stroller. Which is awesome. And he's trying to transition his schedule to eliminating a nap - which is making me slightly crazy. It was nice to know what to expect and now that's all up in the air. Ready for that to settle out. I'm racking my brain trying to think if I've missed anything noteworthy and I think that's pretty much it for now.

Well check and shots on Friday!


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