Monday, February 15, 2010

Sweet Valentine's

Lucky for William and I, Sam returned to us unharmed and a whole half hour earlier than expected on Saturday night. Just in time to go to bed and wake up for Valentine's Day. We never have big plans for Valentine's Day but that's how we like it. Sam got up with William, which might have been the highlight of the day for me, but then he woke me up at 7:30 saying he wanted to go to Hardee's for breakfast - so the sleep in was shortlived at best. No big deal - Hardee's has THE BEST biscuits and it USED to be our Sunday morning thing - so I was happy to revive the tradition, after showers of course! Then we went to Target to get dogfood - aren't we romantic?! ha!

This is the picture I used on Sam's card from William.

When we got home - we put William in his Valentine's Day outfit that I made for him and did cards & presents. William mostly enjoyed the taste of his card...haha. Oh well - when it makes to a scrapbook it will be fun to remember when everything went in his mouth!

I love Sam's face in this one - so sweet.

William also ate his card from Bebe & Grandaddy - it was apparently yummier than the first - he ate it in two!

It was a perfect low key day with my perfect two Valentine's. I might post Sam's love inspired gift - we'll see - I'll have to remember where I found my inspiration...


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