Sunday, February 28, 2010

Six on Seven

William had his six month well check and shots on Friday afternoon. I'm not quite sure how we got so far off month wise on these checks, but he was only a week shy of seven months at this visit - probably has something to do with the busy pediatrician practice (that I am seriously leaving in the dust - ugh). But all's well that ends well and he was a champ.

His Stats:

Weight: 17lb 13oz 25th - 50th Percentile (he only gave generalizations)
Height: 26.75" Just under 50th Percentile
Head Circumference: 17.5" 25th - 50th Percentile (he only gave generalizations)

Last Well Check in: 15 lbs 2 oz (45th %) and 24.5" tall (22nd %)

So - He's Growing!! But still a little boy and I don't understand all the comments we keep getting about how big he is - someone actually guessed his age to be 10 months! I think these people have lost reality with babies...

he has discovered our very pretty pewter bowl - I think gnawing on the beaded edge makes his mouth feel better - bring on the baby proofing!

We saw Dr. Hearst and I am not a fan. We had to reschedule the appointment with Dr. Evangelist because of Mema's memorial service, so we just took the first available appointment. It said on the sheet they give for the well checks to NEVER EVER EVER UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES put babies in a walker. Well - that is William's most favorite thing so I asked why. Big mistake. He repeats the NEVER EVER EVER UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES talk because the walkers have been linked to injury, babies falling down stairs and tipping over, etc. I say, we don't have stairs and it's he loves it. Dr. Hearst then only sort of backtracks saying something about the risk is less since we don't have stairs and evaluating the risk, blah blah blah. I just tell him that that is a risk I am willing to take in an effort to maintain sanity and happiness in our house.

starting young with an obsession with fabric just like his mama

Then - he's asking the generic questions about eating and formula. He asks about rice cereal and I tell him he gets it in every bottle - and he tells me that he's supposed to be getting it by spoon to train him to eat with a spoon. Um - idiot doctor - William is a pro at eating baby food with a spoon, which I just told you and furthermore - whatever time we were here for reflux they TOLD me to put rice cereal in every bottle. I couldn't figure out why he was trying to make me feel bad for doing it right.

Maybe he just thinks I'm an idiot because little man's poor wee-wee (censored for the blog..heehee) was messed up because I was not pulling back the skin or something - never remember being told to do this - but whatever. And dummy - don't you think I felt bad enough when William wailed while you were undoing the skin that adhered to itself?! This, however, does not make me a bad mom in other aspects of caring for my child.

Anyway - long story short - he had a rebuttal for everything I was doing. Those were just the high points that really made me mad. (oh and they had run out of one of the shots he was supposed to get - ridiculous - we had an appointment! they should know this!!)

We scheduled his 9 month well check, but I swear, we will have a new pediatrician by that time. I will NOT wait two hours for well checks or appointments anymore. It is ridiculous that I had to step out of subwaiting to ask a nurse how much longer because it was 5:15 and getting close to the bedtime routine. (which she found to be ridiculously early - but it's what my kid wants so leave me alone!)

I didn't mean for this to turn into some kind of crazy rant against RIVERTOWN PEDIATRICS, but I'm so over them right now. Done. Done. Done.

making funny faces at himself and "eating" the mirror - see all the slobber!
On other news - the happy baby syndrome has continued!! And just in time for me to take him to Mima and Granddaddy's house for 5 whole days!! That's right - my hubs is traveling the world for two weeks and my baby is at the grandparent's house - so I am writing this on MY time in an empty and quiet house! Can't tell you how nice this is!

It was funny last night though - I got home, after avoiding the empty house at Hadley's for an hour, and every time I went in the kitchen I felt like I should be washing bottles. But, wait, they're all at my Dad's house! Best feeling ever. At first I had no idea what to do with my time. I had all these projects in my head that I wanted to do - so after wandering around the house for an hour or so - I broke out the paint and started this project.

he would probably enjoy being more in the water if he would put down the washcloth
I'll be honest - I do miss William more than I thought I would. He's sweet and cuddly and laughs and is so happy now that he is more joy than terror these days and the house is SO empty and my days feel like they lack purpose because I'm not constantly doing things for someone else. But this break is exactly what I needed and now on Thursday when he is home I will be grateful to have him instead of pulling out my hair - which will be good since the hubs is gone for two weeks instead of just one this time.

helping daddy pack for his trip


Angie said...

Oh you're going to miss him like crazy! Sorry about RP. We were there Tr for Ruby's 6mo well-child. We saw Evangelist, we were suppose to see Hearst but I insist on Evangelist now (and they're being pretty cooperative). If I was searching for a new pedi - we saw two while Ruby was in the hospital, McCloud (sp?) and her partner, can't remember but he's super-nice and warm, friend of mine just transferred frrom RP to their practice - loves it.

Dont take what they say personally. I know, it feels like an affront, I've been made to feel like that lots're a great mother to William.

Brandi said...

The same thing happened to Tanner's circumsision after he was born. And they never warned me about pulling the skin back either. It was not pleasant trying to correct that for a few weeks. Oh, and about people being out of touch with babies. I had a guy ask if Tanner and Raegan were twins the other day. They are two and a half years apart!! He was totally serious too!!!

Meghan said...

I am relieved that I'm not the only mom that wasn't told - though I'm sorry Tanner had to go through it too...


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