Monday, February 15, 2010

Wave on Wave

Sam was gone all week to England, which made figuring out and making him a Valentine's gift was super easy. I knew I didn't want to spend any money, especially since Valentine's isn't really considered a major holiday in this house. Not that we ignore it - but we don't do the big gestures. Our favorites were in college and included pizza and champagne (the cheap kind).

And then I ran across this on Young House Love. Wonderfully sweet, subtle and perfect. And even more surprisingly - I hadn't done it yet - which I find a little strange but y'know...

Even though it was amazingly simple, I know I did good, because my husband, who is not really outwardly sentimental, said it "aww - that's sweet" when he opened it. (If I remember correctly, I didn't get that when I made him an entire book of 101 reasons I loved him for our First, yeah, I'm pretty darn proud of myself)

Wave on Wave by Pat Green is our song and was our first dance at our wedding. Unfortunately there's not a wonderfully romantic story about it - it was at the top of his itunes playlist in college and we listened to it every day, multiple times a day and something about it obviously just struck a chord with us. Maybe we danced to it - I can't remember - but I bet Sam does. Anyhow. There you have it.

in true Sam & Meghan fashion - we had fun and laughed during our entire "first dance"
And funny - no one knew the song or anything about it at our wedding. Everybody was asking "whahuh?" Well, I find it amusing that it was obscure to other people. And y'know - I think one Valentine's Day I gifted Sam tickets to see Pat Green in concert in college - awesome show. I was so proud of myself. I have a picture somewhere but I think it was lost in one of our many computer crashes and now only lives on in the scrapbook...

Wave on Wave my love. Forever.



Heather @ McKinney Living said...

Great minds! Looks good! :) Anytime I hear that song I think about the two of you!

Meghan said...

Awww... Such a good song. We fell in love with The Luckiest at your wedding too!! (and then again at my brother's - or was my brother's first - I can't remember...) anyhow - great song!


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