Tuesday, February 16, 2010


William loves to be naked. No seriously. He cries when I have to put clothes on him after a bath. And poor pepito was teething bad today, so as a kind gesture, we had some naked time.

Truly tush hanging out naked time. Of course it had to be documented because he's so darn cute and so we can embarrass him later in life. Maybe a whole album that I pull out on his first date...hmmm...

Anyhow - he also decided that since he was naked he would make full use and bring back the peeing in the air trick. On the changing table and on the floor but he was having so much fun that it was ok.

Though I did put a diaper on him after he peed on the floor so he could stay naked...

Cutest kid on the block for sure. Nothing I love more than naked baby time too - he's so happy, which makes me happy.



Ashley said...

He is just TOOOOOO cute!!! Great job with the pictures too:)

Meghan said...

Thankyou!! Can't wait for the shower this weekend!!


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