Sunday, February 21, 2010


My sweet great grandmother passed away Saturday morning. She was the epitome of a Southern lady. Never said a hurtful word and one syllable words became two. Her Southern drawl was something to be envious of. Everyone was dahlin' and bless her heart. At holidays - she would sit in the comfy chair, covered in afghans, and the one liners that would come out of her mouth would be the most clever thing said all day and the whole family would die laughing with her.

I became part of her family when I was eight and she accepted us three new great grandchildren like we had always been there. I didn't realize it then - but that was something to be treasured. Some of the best memories was going up to their lakehouse, spending nights in the bunkroom, eating dinner on the large porch above the boathouse, squealing as we jumped off the top deck - all under the watchful eye of Mema and Dadoo. They were precious people.

Dadoo passed about three years ago and Sam and I were right there when we were leaving his memorial site where his urn was placed and very quietly she said "I'll see you later, I love you." It brings tears to my eyes right this very second thinking about it. Their love was amazing and quite evident. I know she was lonely after but she was so strong - I can only hope to be half the woman she was.

She had been sick for quite some time. Having good days and bad days, and then good hours and bad hours. Sam and I dropped by on the way up to Cleveland maybe 1.5-2 years ago to surprise her - and she was having a bad hour and didn't really grasp who we were but she knew she knew someone that lived in Columbus. She never dropped her smile and sweet words though. I wish we had spent more time coming up to visit with her.

I am grateful that she got to meet William. Who is, I'm pretty sure, her only Great Great Grandchild. The family tree that they started is nothing short of amazing. I can't even begin to do the math at how many Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren there are and we were all loved as if we were the only one. I am so sad that William will never get the opportunity to know first hand how amazing this sweet little woman was.

She will be greatly missed. A huge hole in our family & our hearts.


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